Pretty rdocs for local gems

Bdoc gem provides a nice interface to move between different gems. To view rdocs for installed gems

gem install manalang-bdoc

the second step will open a browser window to view rdocs for them.

This will show the docs for all version of the gem installed.

To make it look a bit prettier and do some gotapi kind of ajaxy stuff then install the hanna rdoc template gem.
Note: Just so you know gotapi doesn’t work at all if you have javascript turned off.
gem install mislav-hanna
open ~/.gemrc and add

:rdoc: --inline-source --line-numbers --format=html --template=hanna

rebuild all your gems

gem rdoc --all --no-ri
That will take sometime depending upon the number of gems are installed locally on the machine. Once all the gems are rebuilt, then run
on command line to view rdoc using new templates.

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