SP|hred.com launch

SP|hred.com is launched partially on 06/10/2007.

As I said in my earlier post that I will work on the idea but launching it within two days, yes … that’s quick.

I intend to not promote it for quite some time because I need to implement a few important things which forms the core of SP|hred. So if you stumble upon SP|hred.com in coming weeks then you are probably one of the first users of SP|hred.

Spread It or Shred It

SPhred.com is born while I was attending fowa and I am not sure yet whether its a good or bad idea but I am gonna work on it and try to keep it simple.

I created a rough architecture of the site during one of the presentation at future of web apps conference on fowa brochure (Sorry Ryan Carson…I just didnt carry enough paper with me).

I thought about the idea and then booked the domain last night itself, even started working on it.

Will talk later about what the site is actually about… 😉


I am currently attending the Future of Web Apps Conference in London and really excited about the kind of technologies google, yahoo and other companies are bringing.

I would really love to experiment with fireagle and also signed up for their alpha release.

If I get some time then I would love to play with Adobe AIR as well.

Lots of interesting people with lots of ideas and yes some cool start ups as well.

I met with Paul Graham of YCombinator and talked with him about an idea I have for some time.