Live Help on mel-jol

A Live Help page has been added on mel-jol where users can chat and get help in real time as some people might require assistance in operating their forums on mel-jol or creating and modifying their business page or any other kind of assistance.
The live help page can be accessed by going to

But this page is accessible only if the user is logged in , i.e., mel-jol registered members who have activated their accounts.

If you have any queries which are not mentioned and clarified in the Forum >> Newcomer”s corner >> Help and Instructions forum or any other place on the website then do come to the Live Help session and ask your questions.

Live Help sessions are scheduled every night between 9pm – 11pm. Any schedule changes will be posted in Forum >> Newcomer”s corner >> Help and Instructions.

If this schedule is not convenient to any user then s/he can post it in Forum >> Newcomer”s corner >> Help and Instructions >> Live Help schedule and we will try to arrange some time convenient for both parties. However, we cannot guarantee that but we will try our best to reach a mutually convenient arrangement.