How to create a Business Page on

If you are already registered on mel-jol, then:

1. Login.
2. Click on the Business Pages link available from the Main Menu.
3. You will find a link on this page to create your Business Page, click on that (only visible, if you are logged in).
4. On the next page, you will see a form to fill information about your business.
5. Choose a category for your business from the “Select Category” options.
6. If no suitable category present for your business then create one by clicking on No suitable category for your business? Click here link. A box will appear, simply fill in your business category name and click on the Create Category button.
7. Now select the category you just created from “Select Category” options.
8. Enter your business name in the “Business Name” box (within 90 characters).
9. Enter a short description of your business in the “Short Description” box (within 180 characters).
10. If you have your own website then enter the full address (including http://) in the website address box.
11. Now put all the information you want in the “Detail Description” box.
12. If you want to put an offer/service/product information then use Would you also like to add what you offer (service or product)? Click here link to enter the details.
13. Click on “Add Business” button and you are done.
14. If you want to add more products/services then go to your business page, which will have the address and click on Want to add additional services or products? Click here link. This link is available after your business information and before the product/service description start (if any present).
15. Once you click on this link, you will see a box with a form to add the relevant information.
16. After filling in the information, click on “Add Offer” button and you will immediately see a message “Added successfully”.
17. Scroll down the page, to see the product / service you just added.
18. To edit your business information or products / services, use the Edit link given in each section or simply click on the text, which will change the text into a box where you can edit information, once done click “OK” or “Cancel” to undo the changes.
19. To see, how your business page will appear to others logout and refresh/reload your business page.

NOTE: You can do all these tasks only if you are logged in otherwise you won”t see the Edit/Delete links.

If you face any problems then go to the Forum >> Newcomer”s corner >> Help and Instructions >> How to create a Business Page? and post a reply using Post Reply link and you will get a reply asap.

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