Domain name

After some technical clarification from BBC (thanks to Jo Loosemore) I decided to think about a domain name for the website.

I did a lot of thinking and decided to have an Indian word for the name of community site and hence, which makes sense and I think conveys the meaning to most of the south asians, if not all. For those who don’t know what it means, I have put a caption on the website which is share, communicate and interact.

P.S. I am sure, some people might say that this name sucks. If you are one of those, then just leave a comment and let other people also know about it but instead of just ranting also try to give some suggestions. 😉

One thought on “Domain name

  1. Purnima says:

    I actually liked the name as it is self explanatory, short n' sweet, sounds musical as the 2 words rhym so well, and therefore easy to remember. For those who do not understand the meaning -the english caption will cover them up. So I guess this is quite an apt name for such a web site. Finally it does bring out a real "desi" flavour! Well done Nasir.

    Thank you and good luck!


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